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Random Event

  • Battle of MactanBattle of Mactan
    The Battle of Mactan was fought in the Philippines on April 27, 1521, prior to Spanish colonization. The warriors of Lapu-Lapu, a native chieftain of Mactan Island, overpowered and defeated a Spanish force fighting for…

Random Person

  • Albert W. HicksAlbert W. Hicks
    Albert W. Hicks (1820 – July 13, 1860), also known as Elias W. Hicks, William Johnson, John Hicks, and Pirate Hicks, was a triple murderer, and one of the last persons executed for piracy in…

Random Place

  • Hong KongHong Kong
    The region of Hong Kong has been inhabited since the Old Stone Age, later becoming part of the Chinese empire with its loose incorporation into the Qin dynasty (221–206 BC). Starting out as a farming…